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What style of house am I?

My dream house would be an old white church - steeple, stained glass windows and all. The interior would be completely renovated: large industrial kitchen, home theater, stone fireplaces, huge closets and a master bath with heated floors, a steam shower, sauna and soaker tub. The latest technology would be everywhere. Fill it all with Early-American primitive antiques and a few big screens and we're done. And a go-kart track, practice green and driving range overlooking 5 acres wouldn't exactly hurt.

Stephen Page

VP & GM, Publisher Operations and Channel Partnerships

Since early childhood, Stephen's been obsessed with improvement, trying to make virtually everything "better." So far, he's found that slot cars go faster with the rubber wheels turned inside out, fastballs sink with a subtle shift in finger pressure, all recipes are better with more garlic and bathrooms are better after really cool shower renovations. He's convinced he knows how to make the Cubs and Bears better too, and longs for the day when he can transform them into perennial winners.

He figures his 20+year career transforming teams into highly effective, customer-focused organizations qualifies him for the job. After graduating with a BS in Accounting from Bradley University, he began his career counting beans and collecting money for Komatsu Dresser Company. That led to stints in Total Quality Management and TransUnion, where he developed his passion for operational excellence.

As HomeFinder.com VP of Operations, these days he's focused on leading the Data Operations, Client Service, Fulfillment and Ad Operations teams toward continuous progress. At least until the Cubs or Bears come calling...