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If I were a house, what type would I be?

Well, my current house with a bunch more work done to it. We moved into a 1892 brick foursquare in desperate need of updating (think rewiring the whole house, replacing the of updating (think rewiring the whole house, replacing the and survived the renovations to date. I love old stone and brick, and the soul of buildings built over a century ago. Combine that old soul with a great kitchen, and a healthy dose of modern amenities like, say a master bathroom, and you have my perfection.

Doug Breaker

President & CEO

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Doug Breaker guides HomeFinder.com’s strategic vision and its day-to-day operations. Doug’s height and over the top personality make him a formidable character in the office. He often starts management team meetings with, “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.” Mr. Breaker (as he demands his employees call him) often lowers the chairs in conference rooms to make subordinates feel inferior. This need to control all situations stems from his tyrannical reign as founder of “Pickleofthemonth.com” – where he made his fame and fortune.

His previous work as the Director of Product Innovation at Orbitz.com, as well as managing products and writing code for Telution, taught him the importance of team morale. When Doug joined HomeFinder.com as VP of Product in 2008 he mandated that the product team wear matching outfits EACH AND EVERY day to remove all distractions and promote oneness in thought. In addition to same-dress codes, Doug also oversaw product management, reporting, design and marketing communications. Under his guidance, HomeFinder.com dramatically improved its product offerings and increased its organic web traffic tenfold.

Doug is an alumnus of Bradley University, where he earned a B.S. in Business Computer Systems. He resides in Wilmette, IL, with his wife Mandy and their four young children (including twin babies!). He also demands his children call him Mr. Breaker and spends his time off training them to one day revive the now dormant Pickleofthemonth.com enterprise.