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HomeFinder.com employees are never shy about speaking up or speaking out – in fact we encourage it through a number of different channels. Our CEO sends out bi-weekly Knowyourcompany.com emails to keep a pulse on the day-to-day workings. In addition, our all-company meetings serve as an open forum to discuss the good and the not-so-good of what is going on at HomeFinder.com. Finally, some of our most enthusiastic employees have shared what they have to say about their positions below. Also, please feel free to visit Glassdoor.com for some of our anonymous reviews.

As an engineer, I find our regular prototyping sessions fun and valuable. Rapidly building prototypes in true hackathon style allows us to experiment with new technologies while influencing the technical direction of the company from the ground up. For example, we experimented with a new core architecture for our web services. In three days we had cut our server load in half. The idea was well-received when presented the rest of the company, and was launched to production soon after.

One of my first assignments was leading the Mobile Development team in creating our very first Android® app and updating our mobile site. Most find it hard to believe I led such efforts this early in my career as opportunities of this sort aren’t often found in other companies, but are common here at HomeFinder.com.

Prototype weeks at HomeFinder.com are great. They give everyone in the company a chance to pitch new ideas. As a techie its fun to try my hand at coming up with new Product and Marketing ideas. It’s also a great opportunity to learn and try out different technologies in a real world scenario. Many of the ideas and technologies we have tried in Prototype weeks have become part of our production website.